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You've Had a Negative Pregnancy Test - Now What?

You've taken a pregnancy test, and it was negative. What does that mean? Could you still be pregnant?
You've Had a Negative Pregnancy Test - Now What?

You've just taken a pregnancy test - and if you're like most women, you did it at home using a test that you bought at the store.  You're not sure whether or not you can trust the test - what do you do now?

Pregnancy tests are usually very reliable - but there are some factors to consider.  As a general rule, the cheaper the test, the less likely it is to catch an early pregnancy (before 6 weeks).  The tests are all checking for the presence of the same hormone (hCG) - but the really cheap tests typically require more of the hormone to be present in your urine than the more expensive tests.  That means that if you test right when you miss your period, you could get a false negaive test.  

Another factor to consider is whether or not you used a first morning urine specimen (urine that's been in your bladder 6-8 hours).  Some tests will tell you that it's not necessary to use a first morning specimen - but guess what?  They know that if you get a negative test and still haven't started your period in a few weeks you'll buy another one!  Great marketing strategy, don't you think?  SO - using a first morning urine from the get go will give you the best chance of having an accurate test result.  (If it's too late to do that the first time you do your test, do it with the next test you use.)  REMEMBER - We will provide you with a free pregnant test!

And - last but not least - there are some women who just never test positive with urine - and they have to have a blood test.  It's pretty rare, but we've worked with a handful of women over the years who didn't find out they were pregnant until they were 5-6 months along because their urine tests kept coming back negative.

Now - if you've had a negative test, and you really aren't pregnant, you have an opportunity to think about what you want going forward.  Do you want to be pregnant right now?  Are you still in school - still living at home - not in a good/healthy relationship?  If this isn't a good time to be pregnant, then do something so that you're not in this situation again anytime soon!  Ideally, that means abstinence (it's the only birth control that's 100% effective!)

In our next blog we'll talk about some of the reasons you might miss your period - and not be pregnant!


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