Does your partner treat you like a child? Most abusers who use verbal abuse as their prime tool will treat you like a misbehaved child, yelling and disciplining you as they demean and point out your every fault. However, if you try to correct them, get ready for a seriously defensive and angry backlash.

Everyone is going to make a mistake now and then – and most healthy people will be able to look past those mistakes and not get all worked up about it.  Someone who’s an abuser won’t do that – they’ll look for ways to criticize for the smalles of infractions.  You can begin to think that you’re a loser – not good enough – unworthy of someone’s love – and that’s exactly what they want you to think.

If you’re partner is forever criticizing you – or treating you like a child – know that it’s THEIR problem – not yours.  You can move on – you can find someone who will appreciate you for all the good that you are – while forgiving you for this little mistakes that you make along the way!