Am I ready to parent? If you’re still in school, single, or never expected anything like this to happen, the responsibility of being a parent can feel really scary. Choosing to parent is a big decision, so it’s essential to take a step back and think over all your options. You could be asking yourself questions, including: 

  • How am I going to work and take care of a baby? 
  • How do I support my child financially? 
  • What resources can I get to help? 
  • Will my parents/friends support me? 
  • Can I still finish school?

These questions and concerns are normal when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Our team has resources and free support available if you choose to parent. We can help!

Free Parenting Support 

Individual parenting classes are available during the week, by appointment. We also offer remote parenting classes through BrightCourse, an online parenting “school” with hundreds of classes available that can be done on your phone or computer. 

We also offer programs on co-parenting, step-parenting, and parenting for dads. 

Parents involved in our parenting program have access to all of the baby supplies in our Market, including diapers, wipes, clothing, etc…

We offer a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group on Friday mornings for Spanish speakers. 

Whether you take online courses – come in to see one of our client advocates – or just need a listening ear over the phone – we’re here to help you navigate this potentially scary time. While parenting can be challenging, it is also rewarding, and we want to make your experience as a parent as stress free as possible!

For more information contact our team at Real Choices Chula Vista and ask for Nancy.


Upcoming Events and Programs:

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