After confirming your pregnancy with our pregnancy testing, an ultrasound is your next step of the process! We offer free ultrasound services so you can get as much information as possible about your pregnancy.

How Does An Ultrasound Work?

Feeling rushed into a pregnancy decision? A prenatal ultrasound is an essential step in confirming your pregnancy. It’s important not to skip this crucial step of the process.

An ultrasound is a painless imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the inside of your uterus. It’s a safe procedure.

Normally, an ultrasound tech will have you lie down on the examination table and apply a special gel to your abdomen to help conduct the sound waves. Once the gel is applied, the technician will move an instrument called a transducer back and forth over the gel. The sound waves reflected off your bones and other tissues are converted into images on a monitor. The technician will review the images with you.

Do I Need An Ultrasound?

Absolutely! An ultrasound is needed to determine what pregnancy options you have. It also alerts you to any pregnancy complications. It is a necessary step of the pregnancy verification process, as it’s the only way to verify three different details of your pregnancy, including:

  1. The viability of your pregnancy (growing and healthy pregnancy)
  2. The location of your pregnancy (is it growing within your uterus)
  3. The gestational age (how far along you are)

A Free Ultrasound

After confirming that you are pregnant with lab-quality pregnancy testing at our Clinic, an ultrasound is your next step. A positive pregnancy test result cannot tell you everything you need to know about your pregnancy.

Make an appointment with us today to learn how to receive a free ultrasound and move forward in your pregnancy journey.